With Spirit Soaring

I’m Icarus,

And I’ve always wanted to fly!

That’s why I went to flight school

And tried my best to apply!


They didn’t like my grades, though,

All except science.

My dad’s really, really smart

But I showed too much defiance.


I was arrested three times

For climbing my neighbor’s roof,

But all I’ve ever wanted

Was to give people proof.


Someday, I will fly

And be the face of all airlines!

But until people trust me,

I’ll be stuck on the sidelines.


Perhaps I could try a plane

And fly that way.

But my dad doesn’t trust me

Not to go astray.


Yes, I want to skydive

Or at least fly one time.

But I guess until then,

I’ll just continue this rhyme.


I’ve searched all of the Web

For answers to my plight.

After all, all I want

Is one simple flight.


A person finally reached out to me—

A guy from a flight school.

But he really, really disliked

How I never followed a rule.


I loved throwing paper planes

And jumping off everything.

I always rode carnival rides

And went too high on swings.


Eventually, they passed me

For I showed a lot of spirit.

I always tried my very best

And worked hard every minute.


“Okay,” he said,

“It’s time to fly for real.”

My heart pounded fast in my chest:

Is it happiness I now feel?


All my life, I’d felt off

Like something dear was missing.

Now that I was approaching this plane,

I knew the gods gave me a blessing.


I strapped myself into the pilot’s chair,

Awaiting the signal buzzing.

As soon as I heard the imminent sound,

I vowed to stop at nothing.


Into the air, I was finally free

Of all the depressing people below.

They love their ground beneath their feet

But I trust the skies…


And the skies know.


Up, up, up I flew

Into the great beyond.

I didn’t attend my own funeral

For my soaring spirit was already gone.


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