Beginning, a little inkling come back to haunt

A spark of darkness in a quiet font

The weight of life as little things stress

No time for lunch here

A skimpy paycheck there

Add on extra things to try to make up for the pushing pressure

A new person, a shot at love, perfect chemistry

Then time grows shorter

The walls shrink in

Fifteen minute time limits to kiss and talk as gas burns

A constant rush

Constant push to be somewhere and be someone

A spiral begins

The pushing and pulling forms a maelstrom

Sucks you in as you fight

Try to swim away gently, reduce the frictional drag

Finally, more time to sleep and growing accustomed to sleeping less

Yet somehow the eye bags become permanent

And energy only stays for five-hour incremements

Then the exhaustion hits again

So we bring in water and food to keep the beast awake

Yet somehow the spiral grows darker

Try to desperately grab something

Handle it all

Test time

As the bank account dwindles in a precarious ratio to it growing

And the remedies all seem so distant and out of reach

But still the hope remains

Ready to be broken, shattered, ripped away like a baby

And the heart splits in two

Pulls away from the body

And the interests seem confilicting

But the strength can't seem to be mustered to figure out the answer

To all the questions being asked

And the mind seems to shut down

Go on autopilot


Before it even discovers the bottom of the spiral

As the darker remedies tempt

And we begin to wonder if we would even see the bottom when we are there

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