Spilling Out Unwritten


the sun beats down upon my face
 i ignore the bead of sweat, or
 was that a tear? staining my cheeks
 like running watercolor

exhausted, i crave the comfort of my bed
 a sacred place i’ve made here
 a haven which cannot be soiled 
     embellished with the people i love

they smile down at me,
 the happiness of that moment 
            forever frozen in nostalgic bliss
 you are loved, they remind me

a sweet peace begins to wash over me
   when i remember the longing of a lost love
  my words flow into a stream of clarity
      trickling slowly over my bleeding heart

i let them escape into the world of the unwritten
   spilling out in hastened bursts onto the page
  holding back no pain or fear,
   anger nor anguish

the thick white smoke of my heart’s desire invades my mind’s recesses
     curling and unfurling the darkest corners of my world
         exposing even the most hidden of passions
           knowing no bounds but the sancitity of truth

those times when you can do nothing else;
     not contain or exclaim or identify that knot deep inside
            nestled cleverly behind the shards of your mending heart;
  let the purest of muses guide your fingertips


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