Jessica Drew is hiking on a cold day when she sees something bad;

A gang of evil black women are chasing a good black woman and that makes Drew mad.


The evil black women want to beat up the good black woman because she's a fan of President Donald Trump;

The evil black women are bitches and chumps.


Drew changes into Spider-Woman and flies towards the evil skanks, as you can see;

When the black villains see Spider-Woman, they try to attack the heroine immediately.


Spider-Woman beats up some of the black skeezers and blasts the other skeezers with her bio-electrical energy;

Spider-Woman is awesome and always will be.


When the gang of black whores are defeated, the good black woman thanks Spider-Woman for rescuing her;

Here are more things that'll occur.


Spider-Woman calls the police, which is smart;

Spider-Woman always has goodness in her heart.


When the police arrive to arrest the black witches, Spider-Woman flies away;

The good black girl continues to be a fan of President Trump and that's all I have to say.


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