The Spider

A glance at those glistening strands

And you with those obsidian bands

Fixation was all it took

For you to string me on your hook


Around and around you quickly spun,

But to me it looked like fun

An intricately performed dance

Oh, how I never withstood a chance


And soon you got me in your trap

For me, all there was to do was clap

I didn't even put up a fight

You see, I liked all those spider bites


You wrapped me from head to toe

And I still don't even know

How you got these poisons in my head

But they've all come from your web


And just when I realized your little plan

You unwrapped me strand by strand

But I miss the comfort of those strings

And in your web I sit to see what the future brings


And even though you let me survive

You didn't fail to eat me alive

You're an infection in my brain

Back and forth we play this painful game


But i still have yet to put up a fight

You see, I like your spider bites 


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