The Spectrum's Completion

Sat, 03/02/2019 - 14:29 -- kklew22

Come now children sit and circle ‘round me

I shall tell a tale of a legend’s story

There was a time before your birth of colors including yellow and blue

But the rainbows of the world were missing a certain hue

Yes, green had not yet been made

And in its place gray had laid

The world we live in was not so joyful

Since running through a field of gray is not so delightful

Then one a day on a winter’s March seventeenth

A mystical being arose from heaven it seemed

A person of power, a nobleman

He was known to bring peace across the land

He heard the cry of the world’s unpleasance

So he bestowed unto us a bountiful present

He gave a gift so vibrant and bright

And in return he only asked for a celebration of delight

That was the day of the birth of green

And every March 17 we witness its gleam



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