Species of Poets

I didn't start on a stage.
And i never could have guessed id be into poetry at a young age.
I grew up with finger painting kids, The delinquents who chose popularity over education and the bully's.
I imagine, that the most artistic minds grew up with those other-type of friends.
The ones that were Creative, different and humorous enough to keep a conversation from dying.
They used the same willpower that poets use to keep themselves from lying, while they perform.
But not all of us are like that.
Poets, were the ones I admired,
They were the ones that allowed their opinions and emotions to seep through a page without sounding,
But not all of us, are like that
Sometimes I NEED the anger to radiate under my pen.
And yes I use pen because it has always been the one thing I know to be forever permanent.
I don't use gel pens because they smudge.
They smudge my opinions and conform them into worthless phrases.
My fingerprints become blurred scratches stamped on the page.
While the smudges tell my secrets that no one I wants to hear,
my fingerprints tell no stories at all.
So why do I keep writing if my words only get discarded.
I noticed that not all of us are like that.
I refuse to write with the new sharpie pens.
I think it's because they bleed through my notebook.
And along with the ink,
They make my thoughts bleed through the page and it sounds like I keep repeating myself.
They make my thoughts bleed through the page and it sounds like I keep repeating myself.
They make my thoughts bleed through the page and it sounds like I keep repeating myself.
I don't mean to write redundant statements
It's just that every good poem is written with the same fine point pen.
And I know all pens, aren't like that.
so maybe this one is use to reading my nostalgic thoughts aloud.
Maybe this one understands my drive to be satisfied with my own work.
maybe this one has my same desire to write a sequence of dictionary words on a page that gives meaning to the poem someone else creates
If that person could be anyone then just me,
well then id call myself a poet.
i am my own motivational speaker.
I write because I think I'm good at it.
And its one of the very few things I like to do.
Poetry, allows me to daydream at night
It takes me past the paper and pen to a stage with an audience.
I don't have to jot lies on a page and make the jumbled words relate to someone for acceptance,
My written truth does that already.
But not all of us are like that .
If anyone is willing to listen I am prepared to write.
As selfish as it sounds, I don't write for them to hear.
I don't write for them to listen
And I don't write for them to understand.
I write because I like seeing what I'm capable of.
My poems all start in the wide margin above the first lines of the notebook.
If I begin here I won't be the same poet , writing in the same notebook, with the same number of lines on each page .
It gives me comfort to know were not all like that.
I like to interpret my poems to find a deeper definition then what's scribbled on the page.
But since it seeps through, I guess I'll have to check the back of my notebook for the meanings.
Unaddressed poems don't require me to follow a set of rules.
There will be no "Dear Mom", or love poems addressesto the ex I never had
I guess,
All my poems are addressed to, written and signed by me.
But not all of us, are like that.
-Nia Neche'


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