Special Not Different

I may be different from You
Just because I am brown skin
But deep down 
Under this brown polished skin
Are white skeletons 
Same as us 

I might be the different culture 
But where light goes out 
We are all black shadowed individuals 
Not so different 

Why harm me on purpose 
Making me feel like a lower being 
With your fist trying to break my bones
Where your fist could not touch 
Your harsh depressing words did

Is it because am different 
Maybe my skin wasn't as bright as your
Or my background different
Why turn your insecurities 
To aggressions on me 
Because, am considered 'Not Normal'

Sometimes I feel insecure 
That I skip Classes and other Places
I know you would come 
Could not speak
You made me promise not to
Even if I did, who would listen 

You, Bystander 
From him, you are not so different 
He pushed me to the floor 
Why not help me stand 
Why and why 
Why just stand there and watch me fall

Why not say something 
Why not tell me 
"Am not different, Am special"
Why not wipe my tears 
Why not help me stand 
why not teach me to stand for myself 
And fight back 

I will survive 
Maybe on my own, maybe not 
But I wouldn't just stand there 
Watching the next kid being bullied 

I will stand for him
Teach him to stand for himself 
Tell him "He's special"
No one is perfect 
None without flaws 
But if there is anything next to perfection 
Am that

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Our world
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