The Special Mother


My mother is special kind of woman

She is no ordinary mother, for her ways

Her ways are different, they are unique

As she shows love in various ways

And as she nurtures and builds her children


Oh! She knows how to love

But yet, she also knows how to discipline

How to make sure her children walk in the right path

Watching out for them like a mother hen over her chicks

As she covers them with her wings


This mother of mine is a warrior

Day and night she prays

Committing her children and family to the savior

She binds and casts the devil’s snares

As she stands, holding the word of God as her sword


How wise this woman is

She puts her faith in God and no one else

She downloads wisdom from the throne of grace

Using it to guide and direct her loved ones in the right path

She clings to God, not just for herself, but also for others.


This woman of God emulates the heart of God

As she puts the needs of her family above hers

As she sacrifices her time and money for her family

Making sure that they lack nothing

Her love constantly flows like a never ending river of life


How I love this mother of mine

I may not understand her ways sometimes but I know,

That whatever she does is for my good, so I don’t mind

I need not doubt her decisions, for in my life she sows

As she receives directly from above




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