speak(my poem for the movie)


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it was an unfair night
what "it" did wasnt right
a laugh a minute
a scream the next
why is this reality
this unwanted sex?
locked up in a jeep
with "it" breathing down on me
at a party
i think i had to much to drink
speechless i couldnt scream
couldnt get the words out of me
why is this happening?
cuz now im so sad it seems!
no one understands the pain as i walk down the halls
trying to reach out to all
someone hand me some tylonal
you see all i wanted was to be free
free from the agony that "it" caused me
you would say im the loner in school
cuz i have no friends to hang with and act a fool
But let me tell you like a tree i grew
grew stronger and stood up to you!
Andy evens!

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