Speaking Can Be A Death Sentence

Thu, 08/06/2015 - 23:21 -- levpa02


United States

Even unmasked and bare:

You are you; this can be a bad thing.

Dreading the stress that finds its way into your life

And stressing the dread of walking out onto the BIG stage.

However, you walk out on stage as another John Doe in the BIG room.

The BIG room is filled with seats and even a balcony at the end.

The balcony is really bright. Maybe someday, I can go there.

When you're in the spotlight, it is too hot; you wince.

You shield your eyes and get out of the way.

You have little hope for this BIG room.

There is BIG fear in this BIG room.


Now masked, with character:

You are not you; which at this point

is the best news you could possibly know.

You welcome the ease and ease the welcome.

Now, you know who you are. Why do you just worry?

You dont have to worry anymore. You just have to speak...

For many speaking is the opposite of ease; of relax

For many speaking is a  death sentence

And so, if speaking warranted a gallow,

I would be behind bars,

But not for  l  o  n  g.


You need to be very careful when speaking.

But, not using your voice is even worse.

For some, the luxury of speaking is criminal.

For many, speaking really is a DEATH SENTENCE.

You see the news. You hear the tales. The spider spins.

You see people being shut up. You see the horror.


Why do you choose to stay silent?

Why do you choose to stay silent?

Why do you choose to stay silent?


Speaking is AWESOME.

Silencing someone is not.

So today, speak your mind,

On paper / through your mouth / wiith words,

Because some can't. 

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