Speaker of the Children


   I fight to be heard, why is no one listening? The pain that these children bear, they do not understand why their mommy and daddy are not there.  You're still not listening to me, do you seriously not care? These children are alone and scared, drug from their homes by strange men and women. You continue to tune me out, shut your mouths and listen to me! These children are innocent, caught in the tangle of your mistakes! Why do you stand around and act as if this is a play, this will not end in a happily ever after! You should be in despair, but instead you choose to ignore the fact that your children have been taken! All of you, LISTEN TO ME! Whether it be drugs or alcohol, you have royally fucked up. Look deep, deep inside, was it worth being high or intoxicated? Going to another world of fun, only to return to nothing? Your life, your children, and your freedom are being taken away, and your still not listening... I have seen this a million times, between friends and family. Either you will be shipped off to prison, and your kids will be adopted. Or you can get clean, but it might be far too late. The only way to prevent this, is to stop it before it happens! Say no to drugs and alcohol, or you will pay the ultimate price! And I will have to continue, to fight to be heard.


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