Speak Your Truth

In response to the person who told me that my work is self indulgent because I speak of issues that women should stay silent about. 


As a contemporary poet, coming up to the microphone is like entering a battle field.

Our young age suddenly appears and becomes a wall between my words and your ears.

We have to fight to say that our work tells a story of despair and survival to help others in similar situations.


We are not applauding ourselves. 


We are saying the words that we wish we could have heard when we were suffering, or in the process of recovering.

We are becoming the people we needed when no one else was there


We are speaking with all of our emotions that have been sealed away for so long by the people who don’t want to hear it, who push us away and say- don’t talk about it

This is me breaking that seal and speaking openly about my experience with mental illness and assault

Because if we don’t then who will. 


The saying “don’t put your dirty laundry in your writing” no longer concerns me. 



Writing should not have rules like an instruction manual step by step how to feel and what to say 

Writing is a place to find healing and understanding.



This stage is the only place where we can speak openly without judgement

This stage is the only place where we can turn our inner demons into words in hopes to make a difference.

This stage is the only place where we can disassociate the trauma from the place it occurred without reliving it. 

This stage is where we must be vulnerable. To tell our truth so people know they are not the only ones fighting for their lives every single day.  

We must use our words to help others heal
So someone can walk out of here saying that they just found a reason not to.


They found a reason to stay alive. 

We must be the ones to light a single match in the face of darkness. 

Even if the wind threatens to take it out.


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Need to talk?

If you ever need help or support, we trust CrisisTextline.org for people dealing with depression. Text HOME to 741741