Speak Your Mind Slam


Sitting here while I think

in a swirl of thoughts draining like a sink

down my neck and arms

 to my fingers typing on this link

Thinkig about what makes me tick

What comes to mind is that time sure does move quick

It seems like yesterday my mom called me her little pooper

now I'm lookng into sholarships and focused on my future

I'm not the same boy when I look in the mirror

 I've learned as I've grown

 now I think much clearer

I have some regrets

I have fallen in love

 there are things I may never get

like the heavens above

does life have meaning?

or is this all just a game

life may not be what its seeming

does happiness come with fame?

so many questions

so litte time

this was a lot to mention

atleast I rhymed






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