Speak Your Mind Scholarship Slam- Between Myself and I

I am the master,

the controller,

I am the seargent,

and I am the soldier.


I fight the battles;

I lose the wars,

I reap the winnings,

and forfiet the scores.


So this is my fight;

I fight for myself.

By myself.

Between myself.


You see:

I am the gavel,

I am the chains,

I am the victim,

and I am the blamed.


But I am still the loser,

all in all.

from beginning to end,

just myself

in thi one-sided brawl.


Give up the prisoner,

I say.

Go to Hell,

she says.

A slap,

A punch.

A pull,

A kick.

And it's just me all alone,

with myself,

a mess.



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