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Shut up! She screams as she hears yet another crude comment in the halls. She's tired of the hate and the abuse towards everyone around her. They say that words don't hurt but it's a lie words cut deeper than any knife and leave invisible scars and bruises. She yells at them calling them stupid and saying they have no idea what they are doing to the girl they are calling a slut. Those words get back to her and they sting like a slap in the face. No one cares though they just keep going on with their days tormenting her making her life worse and worse. In fact they won't know one bit of how much it hurts until she's gone then they realize how hurt she was how literally she took their jokes. Then they'll wonder why didn't I do anything to stop this?Why did I continue to let her get bullied until she couldn't take it anymore? Why didn't I speak up?

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