Speak My Pain

Sat, 07/26/2014 - 22:42 -- DaJhaB

Speak My Mind?

Oh Oh ..

You mean express my brain

no no ,

Speak my pain

Im sure there's

someone ..



that understands the strain

the toll pain takes on my brain

When im in the mist of 

dealing with 

some strain on my brain

I ALWAYS assume that 

noone else understands my strain.

But Aretha Franklin says

"No pain, No gain"

I have to learn how to refrain 

from blaming my

shame shame shame

my strain brain pain

on other innocent parties.

Thats pretty lame.

I learned to relieve my own brain

from intolerant pain

weather its 

on paper with a pen

singing notes with my voice

running on a track with my feet

or dancing to a funky beat.

I learned how to express MYSELF





Pretty cool. It was fun reading your poem out loud. I totally understand the part on trying to avoid getting mad at others while in a bad mood. And although I can't really dance or run (cause I need to be healthier) I also enjoy writing and singing (somewhat badly). Fun poem to read aloud. Good job!


Thank you so much! ☺

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