To Speak of Minds

Thu, 05/15/2014 - 21:00 -- Chappe1


Mighty is the mind that gives voice to the soul:

To me, thoughts are mere pieces

That echo my "whole".

Separate so weak,

Together so strong,

One's will manifested

Within abstract form.



If the mind is a castle,

Then thoughts are the walls-

Built to protect and keep me

Safe from all harm.

The strongest of all weapons

Given unto me,

I wield my thoughts

With a skillful dexterity.

Mind-wit sharp as swords,

More powerful than guns-

Instead of death-dealing,

These thoughts create suns,

Moons, stars, oceans,

New earths and skies:

Giving name to the nameless,

Bringing new worlds to life.



Thoughts are elaborate labyrinths

Unfathomable by design

That bring a fearful complexity 

To each man's mind.

They are not static, but changing

Not dead, but alive:

They are the lifeblood of every poetic line

That flows through the veins of history-

They are the cause,

They are the heart

Of my creativity.





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