Speak To Me

One step forward and its the end of the line

They scream “Don’t do it” 

Because they know you won’t survive

But the deed is done

That dark figure greets you with a smile

But when it opens its mouth the voice you hear is 

your mothers

She screaming

She wants you to open your eyes

"Don’t give up” she tries so hard to say 

As she’s whimpering and feels as though she can barely breathe 

She needs you

She’ll do anything to hear your voice again

Your pulse starts racing

You realize the mistake you’ve made

You try to wake up so that she can hear you

It’s been days now

She hasn’t left your side

That dark figure realizes he needs to say goodbye 

It’s not your time

You wake up

Your mom is frozen with excitement

She holds you in her hands a promises you

Promises you that she’ll help you 

That she’ll listen

She realizes that all you need is someone to talk to 

So you speak

You scream 

You sing 

You do anything so that you don’t ever feel the need to 

take that leap. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


Need to talk?

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