Speak and Become a Thorn to Injustce


To be Heard, To Speak my Mind

Too long my voice has been ignored

Too long my voice has been silenced.

I say no more.


I have a mind:






I write to speak.

I write to be heard no to be ignored.

I can yell, I can scream, I can cry.

But that is not the way to go,

That is not what I need to do.


My voice needs to get written down,

My voice needs to be documented,

It needs to be powerful,

It needs to fester and puss,

A wound, a pain

My voice has to be a thorn in the face of injustice.

My voice, her voice, their voice,

They need to be strong,

They need impact, they need efficiency.

There is no need to babble,

To beat around the bush,

With our voice we need to be direct.

We need to pack a punch.

Hit them where it hurts.

Kick those who need help out of their rut,

Our voice needs to inspire and soothe,

It needs to be projected,

It needs to be loud and strong,

It needs to be heard.

Too long our voices have been oppressed.


Now our voice can be heard.

So write it down,

Make sure your voice is heard,

Don’t let history make their story one sided.

Do not make history black and white.

Our voice needs to grey history,

It needs to blur the lines of the tyrants,

Of injustice and oppression,

Of their right and our right.

Their wrong and our wrong.

Our voice is a powerful weapon,

Whether written or spoken,

Our voice can change things.





Hey there anaxor1993. I am pleased with your poem. Every line is resolute and galvanizing. Your work is almost like a eulogy, one that I imagine people deliver during war. Just make sure that in the second stanza, line two, you change "no" to "not." Please keep giving us your words :)

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