Speak Up

Wed, 07/23/2014 - 19:52 -- Whovi

She goes through life

Quiet and submissive


Always permissive of what other people want


Always saying "sure"

Instead of "yes"

Never committing to an answer

A dancer from one opinion to the next


Never offering a suggestion

Out of the question

A protection for the voice she feels like doesn't belong

She never knew she was wrong


She thinks her face

Is no more than a place mat

That feet trample on

Ample only as wallpaper

A wallflower that never blooms

Any role she assumes

Until she runs out of costumes



She inhaled the fumes

She inhaled everything bad and nothing good

Left never feeling like she could

Speak up


Peek up through the tunnel

Funneling silent shame

Just a distressed dame

Too close to the flame


She never became who she was supposed to be

Too naive to see

How easy it was to be free


No one held her down but herself

Drowned by the very air she breathed

No one else perceived her suffocating



Smothering the person who she thought she hated

So frustrated

That no one else could take her place

Take her body

Take the stranger in the mirror


Clearer the solution became each day

There was no other way to exchange her being

Rearrange her feelings

Estranged she felt from the rest of the world


Her chest hollowed

Her head followed

As she swallowed

And took her last breath.


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