I’m remembering everything backwards;

It’s making it hard to get home

The lines all get reversed, and

The players don’t know who they’re playing.

There was rain on the windows,

Hail on the streets,

Flurries of snow coming down;

All reversed.

There’s no salt on my skin

Where your nose is buried in.

There’s no space

for all the silence in our beds.

I’m waiting for you to say something.


Even the wrong thing that only half makes sense,

But you’re not saying anything.

This is the easiest way to do things,

Not even looking at my face.

I found you out and you know it;

I found you out and we both know it,

Clear as glass,

Clear as day,

Clear as water at the bottom of the pool.

Tell me things already;

Tell me things for certain.

Your hands then,

If your mouth cant;

Mime the things I know we both know.

I’m tired, and maybe you’re tired,

Let’s get it over with

Go home. Go to sleep

Then maybe things can start moving

Forward again.


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