Speak up!

Thu, 07/11/2013 - 20:05 -- Lady C.

Every time I try to speak, someone claims they can't hear me. I hear it often, SPEAK UP!

When these two words are spoken, I tend to talk softer.

Laughter follows, muffled so I won't hear. Grins, they thought I wouldn't see. Lies, they thought I wouldn't know. Misunderstood, but I don't care. I see you looking, I see yoour stares but i'm going to clear away all my fears.

I wrote this poem about me, for me, for you to hear. So forget about what you think. Don't think about how you feel, because being me is not about you, i'm just being real.

It hurts to hear others harp about what you do, when they won't even sit down and talk to you.

Its hard to express yourself when anxiety strikes; worrying about what you say, trying to live for the "likes". Living for the likes of people when you can never meet their approval is cruel. Though you see me, through a glass, darkly. You think you see me, hardly.

I may be sitting alone, you say I'm lonely. I may be reading a book, you say i'm boring. I may have my headphones in, you say i'm anti-social. And yes, that part is true. I'm ANTI- when it comes to SOCIALIZING with people like you.

So I may be alone, but i'm not lonely. I may be reading a book, not i'm not boring. I'd just rather spend time with self, than with selfish people, who left their people skills on the shelf. 

There are people whom I meet, who are cordial, nice and sweet. But to the others, I'd rather not speak. Do I hide my light under a bushel, no. I don't say much so won't offend you. Believe its true, that who I am is who I will always be, so don't judge me for just being me. 

If only I could be someone else, then maybe my life will be a little bit easier. 

Cheesier, yes, indeed. 'Cuz then I wouldn't be true to me. Yes, this poem is about me, I'm the one on display, showing who I really am, saying what I really feel.

Revealed, all that I am, in this poem and spoken. So with my mouth open, I reveal all that I have to say. Speaking up, Speaking out, I'ma do me, is that ok?

Will you accept me, open wide or just a crack 'cuz i'm trying to hide?

Which ever one you decide, know that I'm the same person on the inside.


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