There are countless lies that all lead to the same destination- a voiceless being imprisoned to a shouting mind. The lie “you are stupid” keeps the shy kid from raising his hand in class. The lie “you are to blame” protects the secret of the molester. The lie “you are out of control” stops the fork from reaching her mouth, yet another time. The lie “your blood is the only proof you have that you’re alive” carves one more scar into the battlefield of his arm. 


Silence is a prison and it’s time to see captives set free.


Stand and speak. I’m begging you, stand and scream. Whether it be through the “words like fists flying” out of your mouth or the compilation of scratches and squiggles beautifully sewn into a scene of graphite, be it a broken melody or the rhythmic sound of sneakers slapping asphalt, speak. 


Don’t you know that the thoughts in your mind need to be birthed? Breathe them out so they may breathe in and have life. The world was not created with stick and stones, but with words. Don’t you get it? Words create. Words build, they destroy. Words bring life. God spoke and there was life. God was the Word and the Word was God. It was the Word that died and brought us up out of the grave. It was the breath of the Creator that taught us not only how to live but too that this very same breath was breathed into you- it was breathed into me- filling our beings with a purpose, a destiny to LIVE, not just simply to be. 


So let your message be heard. Allow the atmosphere to carry the vibrations that will one day reach the right person’s ear. Allow the canvas to absorb the pigments that display things words could never paint. Run, allow the terrain of the earth to crumble beneath the impact of the pain that you feel. Sing a song, laugh, giggle, cry, play-whatever you do never allow the voice demanding your silence overshadow the beacon screaming of your irreplaceable existence. 


Lie after lie bonds together to seal the weapon of voice. It is when you finally break free that the little piece of heaven that is knit into your being is revealed. A ray of light bounces off you and into the world. You shine as a glimmer of hope. 


So please, I’m begging you, fight like hell for the voice thriving inside of you. 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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