Spaulding/I Loved Her


United States
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I first fell in love,
When I was four years old.
And, it was with a girl.
But how I could i not?
I remember the first day I picked her up,
Bounced her off my leg and she
Rolled down the pavement of my driveway
as I tried to chase after her,
I never knew that love grow into a 16 year
On again, off again relationship.
But around age seven
She and I were thick as theives.
She never left my side.
And on the court we couldn't be stopped,
And as time went on others tried to split us up
But none could ever compare or tear us apart.
I knew then that she would always hold a place in my heart
And we fast toward 13 years later, as we struggle to make it work,
Fight to keep up together but,
She went and changed the game on me,
wasn't the same to me and,
We had to part ways
Breaking her heart with mine, I walked away from her,
Want to visit her every now and then,
But pausing knowing that her juices aren't as sweet.
I missed her, I loved her, I needed her.
So I waited for her,
To come back into my life because Lord knows
How badly I needed her back in it.
And here we are two years later,
9 months into this revived relationship,
Departing ways for the last time.
We cried together,
Stayed up all night together,
Fought and had good times together.
She was there for me when I needed to release some stress.
Pounding her on the ground, weaving her in and out of my legs
As I coast down the court to gently lay her in the hoop with ease.
I loved her,
But sometimes,
Love just isn't enough.

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