The Spark In My Heart

The  Spark In My Heart 

There are days when I feel lazy and gray  
And had lost my way , 
I'm my heart of lovers hate of May  
The heart weathered my heart and I lost  
The spark that was once in my heart. 
the earth has wondered of what is true  
What you can love and what can make  
You feel so blue , 
I hunched over the word's that are sharper 
Then the words of my hunger , 
The image that I see in the midnight sky  
Is the wounder of thunder late left my heart  
In the dark with no spark ,   
Only the wind can see what mess I'm in  
I evolved from dirt and became my life , 
My creation I wondered , 
Is love even worth my hunger ? 
I tired to read between the lines of what is 
Good and what is not ! 
The sun June found its way in my room  
Where hopes and dreams are made for brighter day's  
I need more time to pray and to live my life right  
In Jehovah's eyes , 
The earth was made from God's loving hand for man  
To say and live Jehovah's way , 
And to stay in a Paradise land . 

Poetic Lilly Emery (c)


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