Space Cowboy

How deep is space

He's off world in your tank

He sets the pace

He's on the swordfish, he has your bank


The man you can't catch

He has all your troubles

But you are no match 

Even when he stumbles


What a con, that blasted crook

They can't say where he hails, he has no port

Force of nature, even space shook

He's gone now, you wind-up short


A man like that has no love 

But looks for that one he lost 

That Real Folk Blues fits like a glove

You can tell on his face, he paid the cost


Now he roams from sun to sun

He's past holstered tightly to his hips

Stowing away with a few who'd been shun

The cowboy says, you play your cards right, he'll win all your chips 








This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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