Sounds of Contemplation


235 Dower Lane, Strasburg, VA 22657
United States
39° 5' 23.7804" N, 78° 20' 54.474" W


Frightened whispers slip soundlessly, silently into the mind.

Spoken words haunt me quietly; they’re beginning to unwind.

Thoughts and feelings fight inside me as I try to fall asleep.

Protagonists and antagonists in my brain start to creep.

Sometimes there’s so much to say but I don’t know what words to speak.

Sometimes there’s so much feeling I cannot write the words I seek.

It’s a constant, precarious battle fought inside in my head.

So many protests, so many praises, I leave as unsaid.

I could write pages of all of the opinions I possess,

But that would be too many myriad books to coalesce.

When books seem too lengthy and all of my thoughts appear too vast,

When unwanted memories remind me that I can’t change my past,

The small verses of poetry are offered comfortingly,

Letting me write down simple thoughts that are composed subtly.

A troubled mind is consoled and a troubled soul is at ease

With the relief the free verse, limerick, and ballad perceive.

Simple, beautiful, lyrical, and entirely unique,

Poetry gives me security when my days are bleak.

True thoughts and feelings are written, deciphered only by me.

Poetry keeps my head clear of bad thoughts, keeping me healthy.

As long as poetry’s here for thoughts to be mentally dumped,

I’ll store mine in it to keep my sanity from being trumped.


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