The Sound Of Her Voice

Then I hear the rain slowly begin to fall,
Its starts getting louder as it hits the ground,
This is after I am woken up from taken a nap,
My mind won't let go of that damn sound,
My eyes slowly peel from each other,
I use my hands to push off the bed,
I slowly get to my feet when I see that,
Again you are not here only in my head,
Feeling so disappointed as I look to my feet,
I slip on my shoes and walk to the door,
The thoughts I have building up discourage me,
I don't want to feel like this anymore,
I talk myself into going for a walk,
Opening the door the rain isn't slowing down,
I step out on to the sidewalk and stop,
The sun is coming up but there's nobody around,
Drops fall off my cheek as if they were tears,
I try to blink but my eyes stay shut,
My hands begin to squeeze into a fist,
That sound has me falling faster into a rut,
It is the sound that repeats every single day,
When she looked at me and opened her lips,
"I feel nothing Justin my love has faded away,"
My eye finally open my clothes are soaking wet,
Tears overtake the rain and fall off my chin,
Feeling defeated I turn around and go inside,
If I don't remove that sound I will never win!!

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