You make me smile when I don't have friends
You are there when it's raining on the way to school on that yellow bus practically almost slipped when I was focused on picking at your variety
You don't even judge me so I applaud you for that
But at least come with more in your variety pack or it'll take you back.
You have my heart in a web I love you unconditionally
You take me back to the 80's on  a spiritual mood
Swing me back to the 90's on a cool groove
Or to the 2000's in a barbeque smothered pork chops taste so smooth
Having all my family around me but you are the only one that would make me get on that floor and bust a screw loose
Yeah you got me in my feelings
I could start from 'feelin on yo booty' to an 'I miss U'
Got me sprung off of 'lil liyah' with that vibe the way the urinals is to 'kellz' impractical, inevitable the thought of something on your face is incredible
You got this magic I know your not real
But you got this sort of appeal
You know what I want you know what I like
You get me annoyed when you're not right
You may act up and shuffle on me
You stay taking my space up
But you stay on me heavy like makeup
You helped me along the way in my different journeys
Yeah I remembered when I met you and when countless others claimed that they put me on but I walked past them and moved along
Baby your poetry brings me hope for a new dawn
I give birth to our baby when I write down my passion In a form of an art,  a new song
Our child looks like you like a puff in the sky pasted with a reflection of a blue lawn
I release my love in my room when ever you come on
Don't you ever seem to hear yourself?
You create colors you can't see and you as in your own form you can't hear
I have to have you near
You are a voice, a sound when I put headphones on
Make a request to the dj
Have you stuck on replay
You give me motivation to wake up and start this week all over again
I know you dont have parents and people may judge me cause you are old and out of my league
I gave you a vow don't you give up now and leave
But I can stand on one knee and give you a clue
  Music may I marry you?

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Our world
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