A Soul's Letter

Dear Victim,


It was never your fault,

but they made you take it all.

No matter how hard you tried 

it was not enough to get by. 


All the names they called you.

All the pain they put you through.

You kept trying to stand tall

the pressure made you small. 


Broken heart on your sleeve;

feelings inside you wanting to leave.

Screaming and crying never got you anywhere,

silence is how you bare.


Loneliness is your friend and greatest enemy,

thoughts of despair flowing so tragically.

Bright spark extinguished eternally,

a sad song's fading melody. 


Tears on your face,

decision made in haste.

One foot in the air,

life is not fair. 


A little love thrown your way

might have saved the day.

Cold body on the ground,

no one to be found. 


How do you feel aggrressor,

to see the results of all your cruel efforts?

A funeral march in tow,

have you reaped what you sowed?


Didn't you know this would end?

Did you expect them to get on the mend?

A cruel heart's life ticks on,

one kind person gone.


Just one push

was all it took.

For them to spiral uncontrollably,

no warnings did they see. 


It could have stopped,

but you never let it dropped.

They wanted to erase what had become,

their life spilled can't be undone. 


Go enjoy what you can

it will always be a sham.

Don't know anything but to fake,

you can't give only take.


A soul you did break,

so filled up in your hate.

Now flying freely in the sky,

the victim who did die. 



A Broken Heart. 

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