Souls Crystallize


Alas! What a troublesome sight this night is,

Your silhouette on the wall I idolize,

As you dance to and fro, mocking me so,

Our hearts are of the same being, but others analyze,

Two heartbeats from separate chests, in sync, finalize,

In revenge Ill shatter the other me, bringing her demise.


Frustration flows fluently through me,

My courage larger than my actuality in size,

From the sharpened end of my blade,

You stare back with those eyes,

Those eyes, the same as mine, which I despise,

Your explicit way of life I will always criticize.


There is a break in time, then a spur of the moment,

We are at each others throats, blade in hand, neither doth empathize,

A mutual loathing for our polar side we share.

Shell never retreat to sympathy, Ill never apologize,

The true extent of my scorn I can never surmise,

For I can no longer live within her lies.


Shing! Shing! A strike here, a strike there,

She fights back, apathy in her features doth arise,

She wants me in death, for rule over our being as a whole,

Yet, in the last moment, her victory Fate denies,

This other part screams out to me, cries,

You shall never rule this soul better than I!


As she is engulfed in crystal, relief pulses through my veins,

Yes! Yes! But what doth halt my feelings of on the high-rise?

This half that did once rejoice, is becoming contained in Earths minerals,

I cannot live as one half I now realize,

For when my other half called out I thought no replies,

And now together, my memories and hers, will forever crystallize.



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