She’s always there for you

Even on your worst days

When they sky is cloudy and grey

And your heart is heavy

She always makes you laugh

Even when you’re already crying

When the tears flow freely

And you’re unable to stop them

She tries to protect you

Even when it’s from yourself

When you cause your own pain

And you need it for control

She means the world to you

But you dont know how to tell her

“I love you”

“You’re my favourite”

Theyre not enough

Just words

said so often theyve lost their meaning

So you try actions instead

A hug

A kiss

A gentle presence at her best

A strong comfort at her worst

And all you can do is hope

Hope she feels the same

Hope she understands

Hope she doesnt push you away

Shes’ your soulmate

The one you need

The one that completes you

Makes you better


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