Sun, 09/29/2013 - 16:32 -- JadaKai

Something's wrong there.

No matter how much it shines,

I always see darkness

where truth lies.


It's like a dark crystal

etched somewhere in the back 

of my mind

surrounded by emptiness.


Fear strikes me every time

I see those hard black rocks

as if I know that they're

going to harm me.


I get a tickly feeling in my 

bones whenever I try to

describe those dark circles

but all I can think of is...




I try over and over again

to come up with a better 



a better explanation 

for the danger those

observers seem to hold




Are they angry watchers?

Why can't I figure 

this out?




They simply cannot be 

what everyone says 

they are.




How can you determine

by the source of truth when

it shows nothing?




This will be a 

neverending mystery I

will never solve

because I cannot find

true personality and feeling 

in something that's...




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