soulful unity

Sun, 10/18/2020 - 21:39 -- Melanis

Brother, slap me some skin.  Brother? no, I may got more to do with someone who can't pass

for black.  Brother? am I any relation to you because we got the same smoke color skin.   The

skin I'm in don't form no bonds, no relations to you black brother, black sister.

You kin to me?  Yesterday, maybe,  we were all marching for a better tommorrow.  Call out: Hey my brother?  What it is my sister.  You alright? 

Heaven is calling you Kings & Queens to sit upon dreams that bless your common man your sister your brother your continental ancestor your righteous kin folk your antique matriarch and patriarch.  

 Ain't in- common ,  ain't in- law,  aint passing for your brother. Tresspassing maybe.  I can't pass for you anymore.  Bless me with a handshake, but

don't cross noboundary between, 'yo my brother' and "yo my sister'.   It aint some statement to uplift the race.  It aint some

statement to soulful unity. It aint some contract trying to create false recognition. It aint in fashion. 

Bell bottoms, afros, the black fist, MLK holiday.You aint my brother.  You aint my sister.  No same mother tied on yours and my boots.  

No same mother gathered you and me on the same hip.  No same mother gave you and me the same dose of 

love.  You aint my brother, you aint my sister. 

This poem is about: 
My community



this is supposed to be positive but i could not put a positive spin on it, especially in today's climate.

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