The soul of a student 1 - 12

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A first year (kindergarten) 

A young shell wonders the halls

She only speaks when being spoken at 

She dreads every class in that 5 story elementary

She knows the teachers think she's stupid 

She hears the whispers behind her back in the halls 

She once told a teacher 

The teacher laughed

"Kids will be kids" 

Second year (1st grade) 

Maybe things will be better she thinks

Maybe this will be the year

She said hello to the first person she saw

 A nose pushed into in the air was the only reply

She retained the attitude of maybe tomorrow 

She kept on keeping on

She told the teacher on the last day 

"Life isn't fair" 

She wished that wasn't true

Third year (2nd grade) 

Maybe just maybe she thought

Hello? she said to the new girl 

The new girl happily replied "Hiya!"

She knew this was the best day of her life

She returned the next day "Hello!" 

Her new friend looked over and said 

"they told me not to talk to you" 

She wanted to cry

She nodded to say she understood 

She thought maybe ill try one more time

She told a teacher

"You should repect their choice"

fourth year (3rd grade) 

Maybe this time 

She thought if I am perfect they will like me

She brought treats to school 

They thanked her 

She thought this was it 

She had friends

She remembered it was after the teacher prompted everyone to do so

She sighed but continued to maintain the perfect image

Fifth year ( 4th grade) 

She thought if she tried out for sports 

She was elbowed in the face and purposely hit 

She told coach

"Don't be such a softy you need to toughen up" 

sixth year (5th grade) 

She tried the first week 

She watched as nothing changed 

She asked the teacher 

"You should try harder" 

seventh year (6th grade)

She brought her bible to school with her 

She knew she would always have it 

Until the teacher took it away and "forgot to give it back" 

She asked the teacher 

"School is no place for religion" 

eighth year (7th grade) 

She knew junior high they would talk to her 

She thought there is only 12 of us they have to be bored of talking to each other by now

One did talk but it was only to cheat from her homework 

She didn't care

She got in trouble 

She asked the teacher

"He needs to do his own work!" 

She was scolded

She tried to explain to the teacher

" If you can't handle it now you better get used to it"

ninth year (8th grade)

She made a friend 

The friend was bullied too 

The friend got kicked out of school because the friend fought back

She was alone again 

She resorted to leaving little "make it through today notes in her books" 

Until teacher found them 

" Quit defacing the schools books!"

She was in trouble again 

tenth year (9th grade)

She didn’t want to come anymore

The attendance records never showed an absence

The others never noticed the tormented soul under the sweatshirt

She still took the pain silently, day by day

The Teachers told her everything she was doing wrong never one telling her what she was doing right

She tried to the point of wanting not to care

eleventh year (10th grade)

She knew she couldn’t leave

The days went on

The time passes by

She let it go

Teacher asked “Don’t you care?!”

To her own surprise she looked teacher in the eyes and answered yes

twelfth year (11th grade)

She walked into school dreading the year ahead

The new teacher greeted her, she was happy

The teacher then learned her history and shied away

She hoped no more

Teacher said “I’m sorry”

thirteenth year (12th grade)

She walked into the school thinking “Hello darkness my old friend”

The kids in her class greeted her with a smile

They acted as if nothing had happened

She let them talk

Teacher said “Welcome back”


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