Soul of My Writing

Writing is breathing
Involuntary, necessary, part of me
Every key I hit is a thought is created
Drawn from my mind and placed carefully onto a canvas
My thoughts on paper are vulnerable
Sitting, waiting, in judgement

Everyone seems to have the same, robotic, desires while writing
I feel as though everyone longs to be "deep" and "original"
I write for myself
I write for the tingling feeling you get
When words melt in your mouth as you read them

To write with conviction and truth
That seems to be every writers goal
A writer’s truth is their identity
Those who TRY too hard to write genuinely are rarely true to themselves
No writer should have to try to convince anyone of truth in their writing
No writer should have to convince themselves of their own truths
Truth should just sort of seep out of you and result on paper

My grandfather taught me what it meant to write
Without self-truth, what is writing
Empty words on a paper
Void of color or meaning

I write for the sake of mind
Writing unearths memories almost forgotten
It holds on to them and doesn't let you forget
Writing is alive


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