The soul mirror


When I write my words form a mirror, one shard at a time, and I can see into my soul. It allows me to express things I don't even understand. Feelings there are no words for are reflected in the mirror; like colors that I didn't even know exsisted. Every emotion is transformed into something tangible, pouring out; an explosion of color onto a canvas, or a lump of clay transformed into a living being; frozen in time. Or a poem; overflowing with meaning and hope, a reflection of the soul-mirror. When I write I pour my soul onto the page, through the mirror, into the physical world, and with it comes a flood of emotion until I am free for awhile. Free from pain, and fear, and reality. A clean slate. I can fill my heart with something new, and see it, and pour it onto a page that will always represent me, like a statue, frozen in time. And so the process continues, until the day I can no longer write, when I close my eyes and pour my soul into the universe to become a beautiful memory looking into the mirror, frozen in time.


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