Sorry We Missed You

Sun, 11/24/2013 - 12:59 -- Eboni S


Two days ago I woke up with a sign on my door that read "Sorry We Missed You" 

I was with my friends late last night so I didn't even think about answering the door

My daddy always told me "Baby girl live it up while you can"

So we went out dancing and tearing up the floor

We were invincible

Me and my closest friends

Making promises that we all were going to make it and stay together to the very end

Not everything was perfect but I was having some fun

Just waiting for the day that something better would come.

I dreamed of a better life and sometimes I could touch it.

Two days ago I was satified with my life and I hate myself because it. 

Yesterday my dreams kept me up all night.

That never happened before

I didn't know what to do but sit up and think about my life and all the things I wish to explore

This city was holding me back from living my dreams 

And the boy I wanted to marry was far from a King

I once thought we were madly in love in reality he was a clown

Playing jokes on me and seeing my bestfriend when I wasn't around

But he was the best in town so of course I had him on my arm as I walked around

So instead of staying home and doing something about my life

I dropped everything when he called and continued playing wife

Once I got back home there was a sign on the door that read "Sorry We Missed You"

Last night I cried myself to sleep and did not dream 

I made a decision to stop dreaming and start living 

When my friends called I told them I was trying to figure out my life

They said I was tripping and would be irrelevant by the time sun rise

They said just think about the people who would miss you 

Since I didn't change my mind they simply said it wasn't they issue

A few minutes later he was on my phone line

Telling me to come out and have a great time

He knew how much I wanted to go out just the two of us

He thought it would be better if he brought the crew with us 

But as soon as I told him sorry  I had alot of on my mind 

He flipped out and told me  "Sorry? You do this all the time"

I knew even before he clicked off the line he was calling my bestfriend so they can have quality time

I woke up crying

I cried until I heard a knocking at the door

I just sat and listen until I didn't hear it anymore

I dried up my tears and decided I would take the chance

I was tired of being Sorry and thinking about the people who would miss me

I ran to the door praying in advance that it wasn't another sign saying " Sorry We Missed You"

Instead it was a man holding a package and a letter

A letter that would make my life one hundred times better

A letter that would give me hope and the motivation I need to fufill my dreams

This delivery man just changed everything 

The man looked at me and smiled saying "We almost missed you"

But there was no chance I would let that happen again






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