There's nothing as great and as bitter

As my hatred of humankind

I speak with my mind

As you read these words, let me be heard

When have you seen such disaster?

Do we not have a Master?

Speak about religion like you have a mission

You're above others 

Oh well that's swell

Justifying your actions 

Such ignorance

Think I'm below you, bring me to the brink

Of extinction

I hold no power, yet I am all

Oh honey, you're a doll

Put on some make-up

And get you a man

As if I need a man to not fall

Hell, bring a gun to my head

I'm better off dead

As if a man can keep me calm

I am a woman standing for all

As I speak

I'm at a peak

Angry at you all

I am strong

My vision keeps going on

I move forward in life

It's just a strife 

I wait til dawn

Someone will grab me

And try to harass me

But I'll have to continue on

For I 

Am a person

That has to pay a price for living

And for deceiving 

A man with my brows and pretty glowing eyes

For the glow of my hair

Floating through the air

For a second of contact that I didn't spare

Oh how terrible it is

Oh it's a bliss

To be living a life

As a person I am

With no right to speak

As this man stands tall

Look at me on my feet

Walking through hell just to reach my peak

Look at me now

A woman, oh no!

Look at me go

I am more than you think

With no remorse 

I will sing you this

I hope your corpse rots 

Right below the pots

Of my sugary roses 

For as I say,

"You gave it your shot."

And everyone looks away



This poem is about: 
Our world


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