Soon One Day


Soon one day , I'll show my love, in every way,

I'll send it high, as if a dove, that paints the sky. 

I'll love and love, like from above, oh Vast! How i will love!

You'll have my heart, in every part, and i will love without a fear,

My soul shall have no knowing fears, no present tears,

When one day, I shant break the law, when the peoples' heart doth unthaw,

When people realize, love is love, no matter who beholds it in their eyes. 

So please oh please, the authority that be, when you look at me, please dont see,

An illegal love, but a crate of love, that need be set free. 



Excellent poem! It really does have a great message behind it about love and people who love. May everyone see that message and use it well. Keep writing on my friend!

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