Soon: battling motives

Sat, 02/14/2015 - 02:41 -- k8carr

It's the rainiest of days,

But I can still smell the flowers,

More than a whisper of the wind,

But I could stand here for hours,

Not the bluest of skies,

But it's a nice misty gray,

I am lost, confused.

It's the perfect rainy day


I can't believe what's happening,

Sunny days will come my way,

There's no way out, no escape,

Whatever, I'll work through this,

Don't want the rain on my face.

Taking this at my own pace.

I will explode

I'll find sunny days




It's not a dry walk,

Look at all this green grass,

It's no sunny day,

I'll make today last,

I wish I had an umbrella,

I like raindrops in my hair,

I can't sit on wet grass,

It's feels good to not care,



My heart is in two,

I can live without it,

I'm left bruised,

I was bored of being used,

It will never be okay,

I thought it would never end,

There's nothing left to do,

I'm free from my limits,

I will explode

I'll find sunny days


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Our world
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