A sonnet for my Granddad

Pray, and a message you’ll receive,

Sitting unconvinced of eternal love and devotion,

Abandoned in a confinement of grief,

Weary of further exploration into this emotion;


Peace has become seemingly unattainable,

Occasional memories bring me to tears,

Consumed with a mindset that’s unsustainable,

The misuse for your existence in the last few years;


Possessing a personality as large as life,

Inherited from a soul refusing to adjust,

A continuation forward through internal strife,

Guarded by wisdom forged from two generations of trust;


Giving thanks to a God in heaven, from which all blessings flow,

For every aspect of you that I loved and the quirks that I did not know

This poem is about: 
My family


Jan Wienen

Thank you ...

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