Song of the Nightingale



Death is but a mask that only the living dare to don

To be danced within the light of day, and when the sun sets, forever gone

It speaks to those who tread in fear and walks passed those who want prey’d

Ever trappèd will I stay? Ever forcèd to remain?

With angels wings my voice did soar and in demons I appeared

A face which words cannot bear to describe and eyes that look only on fear

A rose bud so tight against my strain, and in whispers did it weep

Try as I might to send it hither, even in glory lies unending pain so deep

Lyric and verse give means to cry in beauty of heavenly light

But nigh will this rose bud budge to be bloomed for the song of the Gale of Night.



This is about the mind of Erik, the Phantom of the Opera. His contemplations of death, longing for death, the revulsion of civilized society to his appearance depsite his genius; knowing that what he has to give and say cannot go beyond their eyes, let alone into their ears. There exists but one glimmering ray of hope, that perhaps regardless of the horrors that he has before undergone in his life, their is someone that understands his torments, and his beauty. The tradgedy is that no matter what he has done to aid her, soothe her and nurture her, he can never be loved the way he so depserately needs to be.

The Awakened Soul

You have a great talent for poetry. Your writing is beautiful and lyrical. You really seem to understand how Erik feels, and you definitely know how to express it. I wish I was nearly as good as you! Keep up the good work; I hope your skill takes you far in life!

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