Song of Myself

I exist everywhere,

I am everything


I am no longer watching my surroundings.


I touch my skin and feel the brownie look of it,

The roots that travel along my epidermis

        that I dare not travel deeper into,

I feel dislocated from it, as I am above it,


I do not go in a column as it does.


I am a scavenge through history for my truth,

       as my enemies have lied to me.


You look at me and you assume that I 

        follow blood,

You are mistaken for I am above you, 

You think that I am okay with failure as I do not dwell on it

        in contrast to your weak mind,

But, then you see that my knowledge is far above 



My past envy is now a hatred.

My past ideal self is now a pothole,

        a trap.

My desires and patience weakens me 

        but my tolerance makes me an angry God.


You see that I do not speak,

You see that you have stronger characteristics 

        than I.

Your easiness of life and your quickness of think will 

        fail you at and, make you dull.


For my scars have made a panopticon,

the power in my structure while yours stays dependant.


Your thoughts have failed you once again,

Your unnecessary talking does not fool me,

My power does not have to be pranced around for

        it to be understood that I am all powerful.


I do not bend to the will of toxicity

but spread my toes and find my balance on ground.

My back has become titanium and has lost its brittleness.


My loneliness is neither an inconvenience nor 

an achievement,

It is the display of strength in part of my mind.


I am the most admired for my smile and my frown,

A Bypasser glances in my direction.

A Witness has a prediction on my thoughts,

A close Friend will be blinded by the strength of 

        my words.


What can I be? What can I achieve?

Am I just a statement in someone's life?

Am I just a person someone needs to meet to play a part

        in their success?


I am everything and nothing at once,

I am a person that you don’t want to believe is 

        above you,

I predict who falls and who stands,

I am the end.


I do not think of the now and who is where,

but who will be with me,

Who is a faithful servant to what I have created.


No discrimination is shown towards who my respect 

        goes to.


My criticisms nor beef is always said aloud,

The idea upon someone in silence is the best way to go

        at times.


I know now of my power when others become silent.

I know of my power when others cannot look at the truth.

I know of my power when someone says ‘too hard.’

I know of my power when someone becomes lost

         when they realize their power factor is temporary.


I am no longer scared.

I am no longer hiding in comfort.

I am no longer lost in my sadness.


I provoke the thought that begins the revolutionary,

I whisper the original and other rebrands

        with length in their voices,

I bring what is lost into the light,

I throw away the dirty and corrupted,

I control everything.


I am not ashamed of my power.

For I have earned.

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