Song of My Soul

Every time you look at me

your looking down

every little detail of me

completely disgusts you, doesnt it?

Every time I see you

when you have that look in your eyes

it reminds me

i dont belong here

i never have

you may have taken me in

you may have provided shelter

when i had lost everything dear to me

i might be blood to you

but you hate me for where i came from

From my way too familiar past you hate me

Every time i see that way too familiar look,

it hurts worse then you will ever know

A song from my past comes back to me

It comes flying back in like a little plane to save the day

The lyrics

they flood my soul 

they remind me of a past

A place where I knew love

A place where i could do something right sometimes

A place where i was a person, not a burden

A place and a past where i belonged

All of this as the lyrics come in

All of this as they sing to me

Like the birds in the trees

of whom i long so desperately to hear

hear from my little rison here

I beg you to sing me that song again

Sing me the song of freedom

So i can spread my wings

And sing it to me as i fly away

to the far away place where i belong.


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