Song Cry

Sometimes the human tongue will never compensate for what the brain screams to the world

For the world’s ears are at times out of tune whereas the eyes may seem less immune

So pray that your own ears are intact and listen to what how your mind states its facts

May it coarse through your brain, through your bones, through your veins

And allow your eyes to witness as it reaches a sheet of plain

White lined paper as these words are jotted in ink

and you gain a realization that these things are things that you think:

When you may feel all alone when you feel out place

When your demons will bully you and laugh in your face

Or the hormonal rush you recieve as she touches your skin

Or the external blush when your lips meet his lips

When you take the time recognize the beauty of tulips

Or record your misadventures on the days that you trip

And I have jotted misadventures for days on end

When heart breaks and heart aches became my only friend

See people can document their roads down to hell

And the world sits and listens to stories I tell

When you forget about the ways you were born and raised

And begin to start focusing on how you were played;

I’ve written my story from birth, because I knew that we could never be a match

But with another woman I grew solely attached

When you discover your biological mother’s your adopted mom’s sister

Who rushed into pregnancy with her absentee mister

And your birth was a blister in your real mother’s side

So she gave you away to be another one’s child

Do you see my threads beginning to unravel?

Do you see how I am torn by the seams?

I was adopted. So what does that mean?

It means  for about 16 years I never knew I was adopted

And in the family photos all the pictures were cropped

I never jot this to share all my tears,

I write this in spite; in “goodbye” to my fears

So that the world can see the way I’ve written me

And I look at the pages crinkled in tears

The was what defined me, tragedies behind me

I hold my pen to the sky for any arrogant giant to defy me.




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