A Song

I have recently discovered a profound feeling.

A feeling like no other,

A feeling I never knew could be experienced.


Though it may be spontaneous, 

I enjoyed the feeling,

I enjoyed the surreal rush and pleasure.


It's a feeling that's pure and unadulterated.

A feeling of warmth.

A feeling of nostalgia, even though there's nothing to reminisce about.


This feeling has originated from nothing more than exposure.

Exposure to a new culture.

Exposure to ideals and lifestyles that I have been ignorant of.


The abstruse feeling is addicting.

I must continue to learn about culture.

I must embrace the perspectives of an alternative community.


All of my life, I have lived in a bubble.

A bubble that has trapped me on an island.

A bubble that has blinded me from the rest of the world.


Living in an infinitesimal town in the United States,

It was easy to remain trapped.

It was easy to become disconnected from diversity.


I never had any plans to travel,

I was content in my private home.

I was happy in my close-knit community.


By chance, however, I was soon forced to travel.

Travel out of the great state of Texas.

Travel to the enormous city of Los Angeles, California.


My travels opened my eyes and absolved me.

Absolved me of my ignorance of culture.

Absolved me of the handicap that I placed myself in.


I returned back home,

A different person.

A person who looked at the world through a completely new perspective.


However, that wasn't the cause of my current feeling.

It was merely the advent.

It was merely the spark of a chain reaction.


My travels provoked a curiosity of the whole nation.

I began to roam the internet.

I began to learn about cultural customs of distant communities.


My interest grew significantly in New York City,

And I began to watch shows about New York,

And I began to listen to radio from New York.


It was almost as if I was attempting to mimic

The culture of the city -

The ideals, morals, and beliefs of the society.


This rapid interest lead me to discover

Something completely foreign,

Something that I now realize has altered my life forever.


A song.


The song was being talked about briefly on the New York radio,

But it was not a song from New York.

But it was not a song from Los Angeles or Texas or any city in America.


The song was from the distant nation of Germany.

It was a brilliant song.

It was a song that instantly created this feeling.


"Prayer In C" , As it is called.

Immediately, I began roaming the internet.

Immediately, I searched for information like a mad man.


The feeling was too strong.

I couldn't stop listening.

I couldn't stop reading the comments from Europe about the song.


I couldn't help but fall in love with the culture.

The music video, depicting a young generation simply enjoying life.

The melody, with a mellow rhythm that created the perfect combination of beauty.


It was simply shocking.

How a mere European song changed my life.

How a song gave me such a yearning to visit a community I knew nothing about.


It was simply amazing,

How a short song propelled something previously unknown into a lifetime goal.

How a short, unique song let me discover -


My future home.


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