Somewhere in my Dreams

A mellow meadow merrily

Hidden within a capacious, compact coppice

Where the birds tweet

A melodious melody sweet

That soothes the somber, sober soul.


Behind and to the right-

A magisterial painting hung in sight

Touched by a holy, habile hand-

Lies a wispy, winding waterfall

Cantankerous and quiet in its crashings upon a patient pond.


The edge of the pond is

Speckled by spruce

Dappled by douglas fir

Held by hazel-

Trees like people gathered gayly in the grove.


The pond pontificates upon

A majestic, magisterial range of mountains

Towering like titans toward a

Syrupy, sweet sky of

Bombastic, boisterous hues of blue.


Away from the pond sits

A happy, wholesome home.

Wonderingly warm and waiting,

In docile dormancy,

With wooden walls and a red roof.


The lights are lit,

The door dehiscent.

The windows are wide,

The frames filled

With a gracious, good-natured glow.


The residence rests

In the mellow meadow

Near the gay grove

Located within the capacious, compact coppice-

Somewhere in my dreams.


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