Somewhere In The Dark


Somewhere in the dark

 someone is crying

darkness will always be,

I try so hard to move past you

I could never open my heart

to someone of the dark, 


In darken dreams you come to me

always make me scream 

calling out my name

doing the same old things,


you’re always so mean 

you love to see me bleed 

the old earth vibrates in so much pains,

the velvet moon is always in gloom,


you take love out of the room

round we go in the cloud of smoke

your old words echo out to the crying sea

into darken dreams,


At night, the sky holds no stars 

you token that too;

you cast your evil all over the land 

just for your anger to stand 

your heart is so cold 

you are something I could never hold. 


Poetic Judy Emery © 1984


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